Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Life can be complicated...

Dear David,
I am reading a really good book called "A Box of Darkness: The Story of A Marriage" by Sally Ryder Brady - her memoir about being in a long marriage and finding out right after her husband's death that her husband way gay. Do you think this happens often?

Dear Wonderin',
I wrote a book called "The Secret Lives of Married Men" about gay men who married women.
I think this is happening less and less because women are very well informed nowadays. I have read Mrs. Brady's book and thought it was great. Years ago women rarely had careers, were supposed to be virgins when they married and so on. And also I think men who are gay are less likely to lead a closeted life these days, as social pressure gets less and less all the time. What is interesting about this book is they did have good sex and she really loved him. She should have left at some point, but they had four children. Life can be complicated. It's up to you to try to keep it less complicated.

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