Monday, February 6, 2012

The Men of Montevideo vs. Miami

Dear David,
I know you have been in Montevideo, Uruguay for the past three weeks. Is it true that the men are very good-looking there? How do they compare to the men in Miami Beach?
~Just Interested

Dear Just Interested,
I think that Montevideo and Miami Beach have the best looking men in any of the major cities that I have been in. The big difference is that the men in Miami Beach are very aware of it. And they are for the most part quite spoiled and have the gay thing of pretending they are not interested in anyone else.

In Montevideo they are so many good looking men that they think being handsome is normal and think little about it. And as you may have heard about the South American world, some think if you don't "bottom" you're not gay. And they are not at all egotistical.

(Photo of Montevideo, Uruguay via flickr)

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