Monday, February 13, 2012

Sudden personality transformation...

Dear David,
I recently met a guy very nice, serious job, mid-thirties, good-looking. He seemed very interested in me and asked me out. We went to a very good dinner, had a few drinks, went back to his place, began making love and suddenly he slapped me very hard in the face. I laughed but the event was over. What do you think? Should I see this guy again?
~Anti S. & M.

Dear Anti,
And I'm pretty sure you are not an Aunty. Startling stuff when there is a sudden personality transformation. My immediate reaction is that this man is not for you. Because with that slap coming out of nowhere there are hidden depths. The nice guy you had dinner with is something of a front I think. What a person does sexually is the real person. I think you have to say adieu. Keep me posted if he calls and apologizes and wants to proceed further with the relationship. I'd like to know.

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