Monday, January 21, 2013

boring sex life with partner!

Dear David,
My lover and I have been together for five years. I love him very much but to be honest, the sex has become very routine and boring. There is no talk of three-ways or the usual gay stuff that never works, but I feel I owe it to him to keep his sex life exciting. Your ideas, please.

Dear Sexbound,
 This is the problem all loving couples face. Here are the questions to ask yourself: 
1.Do you need to lose weight?  My New Year’s resolution every year is to remain f#*kable. I am currently on Shape Lovers diet here in Miami, which is great.They deliver two meals a day and it’s not expensive. And you lose. It works. See if there’s something similar in your area. And to add more, should you change your hair color? If you are of any age and have hair, going “Suicide Blonde” (the Jean Harlow color) seems to work great.

2. Have you really explored all the stuff sexually he might like to do?  Don’t be a prude. It’s your life and the neighbors don’t need to know.

3. Take separate vacations. You’ll come back as an attractive stranger. He may just be seeing too much of you on a daily basis.

4. My own rules are ”Never eat in" and "Never go in the bathroom together” - but it’s probably too late for that.  Keep me posted. Good luck!

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