Monday, January 28, 2013

Choosing between 2 different men...

Dear David,
I'm involved with two different men. One is more mature, has money, likes me a lot and is comfortable and pleasant to be with. The younger one is high energy, likes sex everyday and can't keep his mitts off me. I feel I should bedside between them because it's been going on for some time. What do you have to say?
~Two for One

Dear Two for One,
Chose the younger one! I have two rules in my life that never vary and come from experience. When deciding between jobs that the one that pays the best. There is little difference between a good job and a bad one. And when you say to yourself, "what am I doing here?" you can answer "I'm being paid a lot of money to be here."

As for men, trust me. The kinds of problems the younger one will give you are the kind most people would love to have. Go with him, you won't regret it!

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