Thursday, January 17, 2013

Fashion ~ Bracelets & Black & White

My fashion direction this week is for the girls again because I found some excellent pictures. Accessories this week:

1. Bracelets. These David Yurman slip-on bracelets (worn by Gisele above) are great. And there are some excellent copies around for not a lot of money. One or two with your watch are plenty - this is a very good look.

2. The black and white, shoes, purse, eyeglasses, etc. I particularly like those white loafers with the black band and heel. A really new look with black or white pants and a smart jacket.


Dear David,
I am never going to be thin. I am not overweight but I have a kind of squared off torso, no waistline. I'm bulky even though not fat. How should I dress? What kind of menswear can work for me?
~the Atlanta Phantom

Dear Atlanta Phantom,
Do not despair. You actually sound kind of hit! Maybe you are at your best undressed? This of it that way. But back to reality. First of all, could you bear to wear cowboy boots? I works with a company President who always wore them. They stretch you out and you automatically look longer. Jackets: make sure they are trim and snug to your body. Do not wear loose-fitting jackets. Also , shirts with the shirttail out for casual wear I see everywhere all the time. That will work for you. So, button that jacket, pull on those cowboy boots, and pull out your shirt when off duty. This will work!

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