Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tired of the cold!

Dear David,
I'm in New York and I'm tired of all the clothes I have to wear in this cold weather. What did you do when you lived here? Were you always all bundled up?

Dear David,
I know, I know. I was just there and took too many outer garments. Where the hell to put them in a cafe, theater, etc.? My solution would be one of those short little overcoats that are almost a long suit jacket. And a great big very warm/thick scarf and knit gloves. Maybe the scarf and gloves in cashmere (if you can afford it). Maybe a little cashmere stocking cap, too. If you're really bundled up around your neck and chest and then the extremities you really aren't that cold to need a big long puffy jacket. You're in New York, not tramping across the tundra. Try this.

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