Thursday, January 31, 2013

Fashion! Celine, the Queen & Cross dressers

Fashion tiiiiime! I seem to be picking up directions for you girls more than the guys. Here goes:

1. I found this great picture of Queen Elizabeth dressed for her sister's wedding in 1960. What a beautiful look! If you are going to get married and don't want to wear white, this is a great look for someone mature who still wants a fancy wedding. I just read that someone was at a cour t function and the Queen was entering with her mother, the Dowager Queen, right behind her. He heard the Dowager Queen say, " Who do you think you are?" Her daughter was in the unique position to respond, "The Queen of England."

2. Why do I like Celine so much? This blouse is great, the shoes ridiculous. Also the turban. I think it's coming back. Such a good look for grown up women and particularly now that the long hair is on the way out.

3. I know this is ridiculous, but I have seen several photos of this yellow Carolina Herrara dress with the fancy shoulders and it really looks terrific on. And hte little shocking pink belt? Really good. You won't find a copy but think of this look and this color For a major party dress this is really good. And no plunging bosom. I am really tired of that!

4. Also want to show you these pictures from China-an 82 year old man who is modeling his granddaughter's designs. Wild. And excellent legs!


Dear David,
Do you ever think about giving up sex altogether? One of my older friends says she just doesn't want to give someone else that much time.
~Sex Less

Dear Sex Less,
Never. I feel that if I can have a sex life until I am 90 I will have accomplished something. You need the body contact to keep from getting bent and unattractive. Really! Staying desirable is staying healthy.

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