Thursday, May 16, 2013

Fashion ~ Beyonce, the First Lady, lace dresses & colorful leather jackets

Fashion Day. Today I am going to talk about women's fashion:

1. Beyonce in a great Oscar de la Renta red dress. I know. I know. Oscar does that expected stuff but it always makes women look great. I wouldn't wear high fashion if it didn't make me look better.

2. The little lace dress. I don't care. If I was a girl I would wear one to dress up. You will always look great and it doesn't need to be expensive.

3. The new leather jacket in colors. I don't like leather but these little jackets work.

4. The First Lady in a black sweater top and a long skirt with a train. Simple and great. She has really good taste. I don't think she has someone else picking out color her clothes. They may bring them to her but she does the picking. She has good taste in clothes. She has good taste in husbands. She could be President. I'd vote for her in a minute!

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