Thursday, May 9, 2013

Fashion ~ Colorful Gucci suits modeled by a porn star

Fashion Business ~ Here's a whole section on new Gucci Men's suits in solid colors. A very new look and I think if you've got the nerve you cold make a big splash in one of these looks. The model is Aiden Shaw, one of the great names in the porn movie/porn star business. Now with wild and unruly hair and a beard and mustache. It looks like he still has that great body.


Dear David,
I'm a woman in her late 40s and of mixed sexuality....I don't like to classify myself. Here's my problem....when it comes to attraction to males or females, I'm mostly attracted to gay men. What is up with that? I like the added panache in the way they dress, talk, their passion, openess, and the emotionality they bring to life. 
~Miss Sexually Confused

Dear Miss S.F.,
This is the new 21st century thing. We choose a sexual role and then look for someone who is on our wavelength for whom we can care for and worry about the "plumbing" later. If you have male stuff going on and you like gay men, I would suggest that you stress your masculinity. I always say that women and gay men are the only people who grow up because they have a lot more to deal with than heterosexual men in our culture. If you click with a gay guy the office, in class, you name it... I would go for a cup of coffee and see if that initial attraction can go somewhere. Don't give up. I think this kind of arrangement has every chance of working.

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