Monday, May 13, 2013

Should we all move to the high mountains of Switzerland?

Dear David,I just read in the paper that heat trapping gases in the stratosphere are so depleted that haven't been this low in millions of years. Meaning the earth's heat will rapidly rise and water levels may rise 30 to 50 feet. There goes Florida and the Yucatan Peninsula! It makes me feel pretty silly when I wonder if my mother loved me enough or if the guy I'm dating is really right for me? And should I have my teeth straightened to be more attractive? What's your thinking on this - should we all move to the high mountains of Switzerland?
Dear Earth-Conscious,I myself ride a bicycle. I don't own a car. No emissions for me. My only emissions are my own. To be serious, people seem to have to go to extremes before they pull back and get their act together. I read the same article and the us is by far the guiltiest country as far as those destroying emissions from cars and factories, but we seem to be slipping into and electronic world where everyone can stay home and work. Also, on the downside, thee seem to be new virulent diseases arriving which could wipe out a lot of the worlds population. It happened in the 14th century, three-fifths of Europe's population was lost to the plague. For you, do the right thing. Drive less. Take a stand. And live as much as you can. Don't put things off my friend. Fall in love right now!

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