Monday, May 20, 2013

The Beauty of Men Never Dies and My Ideal Guy

I am going to France for two weeks but I will keep the dish going! Do you know about my new novel "The Beauty of Men Never Dies"? It will be out in June from Wisconsin University Press. You can order it on amazon my darlings by clicking here.


Dear David,What is your ideal guy?
~Love Bug

Dear Love Bug,
I don't really have a type. The quality I prize most in a man is that he looks as if he doesn't have sex with you in the very near future he is going to go crazy. I can get along with a lot of other faults. And he certainly doesn't have to be like me in any way. I have never looked for a compatible roommate with a little sex thrown in. No way. I do not want a conventional heterosexual marriage. I want a great romance. But you have to be an adult to keep it going . All I can say is, if that guy rings your bell go for it - short or tall, fair or dark, younger than you or older. I will add that successful businessmen who are very involved in their work are usually lousy lovers. Just a warning!

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