Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The world is going too fast!

Dear David,
What about that international gang that made off with over forty million dollars tapping into ATM accounts all over the world in one day. Who is going to pay for that!? What if it was your account? Do you find the world is going too fast for you as I do?
Dear Bewildered,It is bewildering. I said the other day that the movies and broadway only seem to be interested in big fantasy movies for kids or little plays about your mother while the world is whizzing into a whole new format. Yes, your money might be whizzed away from you so open a savings account separate from your ATM access one and don't keep too much money in there. The bank is responsible - but 40 million? We'll have to see who comes up with that. Be careful and buy real estate in Miami, Brazil or Uruguay (where I live part of the year.) That money will grow in real estate in those areas and nobody can run off with it!

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