Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Handsomest Man in the World ~ Keylan of Red Model Agency

Hey Folks- It's Handsomest Man in the World Day and you aren't going to argue with me about this one. He's Keylan at Red Model agency in New York. The heat comes right off the page. I found him in 
the new issue of Hercules Magazine. Very swell.


Dear David,
It seems like single older men are only looking for "hook ups".  Where can I a meet an older man who wants to actually date? I dated a 65 year old lawyer and really enjoyed doing so about a year ago, things didn't work out.  It seems like the older men are already jaded by long term relationships. I understand not wanting to be burned again by love, but I am really attracted to older guys. Do you think there is any hope to find one that would be interested in long term love?
~Mr. What to do with Older Men

Dear Mr. What to do,
Please keep looking. You sounds like a man many older men would LOVE to meet. I have to think about where to make contact but probably bars and online are not the best venues for a relationship. Most older gay men have not had successful long term relationships and still hope for one. Are there any clubs for men in whatever field you work in? Somehow I think you need to look around in the investments/finance field. Take an investment/porfolio class, play golf - find activities that don't revolve around the bars. Best of luck and please report back!

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  1. Hi.....The most important relationship advice for men is that it is completely normal to lose the initial glamour. You cannot feel that way your whole life and so you don't need to over react to this situation. Simply because the glamour is lost does not mean that the other person have become unbearable who just seemed so much to you a while back. Act with maturity and don't make haste decisions.Read more-Relationship Advice For Men