Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Are You Flaming?

Dear David,
I just saw something on TV about sun flares and how they affect electric connections on earth and even affect human emotions. What do you think of this?
~Flaring but not Flaming

Dear F. but not F.,
Were you never flaming? I bet you were. Anyway, I am not much for what I call Woo-Woo stuff and I do not think all is coming to an end in 2012. From my experience nothing ever works out as anticipated. It's always something quite unanticipated.

But lately I am besieged with phone calls from friends who are getting a divorce, having a nervous breakdown, must change their jobs, and so on and so on. I am telling them it's the sun flares. We are having flare-ups at this moment and something is happening here with the near East in chaos, England falling into press scandals, bizarre weather here and there. And why not? It has certainly happened historically. The Third Reich for example. A country that created some of the greatest music and writing and art suddenly goes nuts and follows Hitler over a cliff, devastating the world in the process. Makes you wonder.

Evidently in 1869 there was a flare up that destroyed the entire telegraph system in the United States, the only electrical system at that time. And how about all those extra-terrestrial sightings lately? I love it, personally. Whatever shocks we're in for are going to come from left field. But imagine a world where you cannot use the phone. And there is no air conditioning. I come from that world. We had our first phone when I was seven. And never had air conditioning in Montague, Michigan. Certainly, there is nothing to be bored about right now.

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