Thursday, July 28, 2011

Seeing Red, Red, Red!

Dear David the Diviner,
You are always able to look into the fashion future and tell us what to get ready for. I lately see magazines pushing red, red, red for women and men. I think red is so very unlikely for men, stuck as they are in gray, brown, navy blue and black. What do you think?
~Raring to Wear Red

Dear Mr. Raring,
Actually I think you are going to be all right. I am seeing hint of red appearing that could actually be wearable.

You have to be careful what you wear with red. Not that they might think you are gay. They already know that. But red should go with your skintone. You don't want to disappear into it.

I think the main fashion news is the shorter jacket. Here are some new looks from Dolce & Gabbana, Lanvin and some people called Decenio, of whom I have never heard. I think all of these new shorter jackets looks good:

Here is a red outfit with the weird pockets I am not voting for:

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