Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fashion Forward ~ Woman's Haircut & RL Wimbledon Jacket

It’s fashion day. I came across this hairdo/haircut in Smagazine, which if you haven’t read it you must. This is where magazines are going. It not only brings you the news, it IS the news. The photographs are very far out. This is from a coverage of actress Jena Malone. Here styling was excellent and the hair looks really new. If you have long straight hair and don’t know what to do with it, here it is. It looks very grown-up, whereas the long straight hair is too school girly for this century, don’t you think?

Also, here is a picture of a Ralph Lauren Wimbledon jacket. This is the one jacket to get for the summer I think. It will be fine with everything. Are you brave enough?

Lastly, I was in Philadelphia several weeks ago. W.C. Fields once said, “I went to Philadelphia but it was closed.” One could get that impression. And when I lived in New York we always said, “I was in Philadelphia last weekend for a year.” Now it seems to be changing. There is a new neighborhood around Passyunk Avenue in South Philadelphia that is quite with it. Good-looking people there, too. The store to check out is Metro men’s clothing. 1615 Passyunk Avenue. Tom Longo is the owner. Really excellent.

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