Thursday, July 21, 2011

News Empire Is Falling

Dear David G.D.,
You are right. I have fallen head over heels for Oscar Pistorius. Am I right in using that expression? At any rate, I am currently quite fascinated with the Rupert Merdoch scandal. You mentioned this in your sun flares blog. Are you finding this all quite wild, as I am?
~I Love a Scandal

Dear Love a Scandal,
I am somewhat prone to love a scandal myself and I love the 21st century where if you think you can get away with something the part is over. Somebody takes a picture on their phone and before you can even get home the whole world knows. But what particularly facinates me with our rash of scandals are the very obvious things that nobody mentions.

In the recent Dominique Straus-Kahn mess, everyone ignores the fact that he is somewhat over the his and to force his erection on the maid is a little strange. Especially just before lunch with your daughter on your way to the airport. I think he was so thrilled at the sudden emergence he would have jumped anyone: the waiter, the bellboy, the checkout clerk.

As for Mr. Murdoch, why are we all pretending that Ms. Brooks of all the lavish hair is like a daughter to Mr. Murdoch? I don't think so. This is a lady that started out in the typing pool. No one seems to want to go near her personal history but there is surely a lot of hanky-panky involved there. And I have to put this in. when I see someone in business with all those curls flowing everywhere I can't help but think about their public hair. Am I wrong? I don't want to get arrested but I think you kids should put this all together.

Amazing isn't it? The most powerful man in the world and it is all falling apart. The hackers are getting hacked. It will spread across this country I am sure. Hopefully before the election. A lot of careers are going to go down the drain. Oh, those sun flares...

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