Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Mid-Summer 2011 Fashion Advice

Dear David,
Summer is upon us and I don’t know what to wear. All the men’s fashion that I see looks like it is designed for men from some other planet. What is your plan?
~Fashion Frantic

Dear Frantic,
If there is one thing you should not be frantic about it is fashion. I am so hopelessly conservative as I get older but always lie one bit of strange flash about what I am wearing so people know that I am not from Kalamazoo. Here are a few thoughts:

1. I kind of like this blue jean blazer. This one is Ralph Lauren. I think you have to be cleaned up when you wear it and never with blue jeans. Wear it with white pants or shorts, a white T-shirt and a hankerchief in the pocket, you could be very cool:

2. I also like this bright red blazer. You have to play this way down with a minimum of accessories but it could be very good. I kind of like the T-shirt under a blazer look. And you don’t need the pocket hankerchief:

3. Haircuts. Although I am a lot of longer hair in the press I am not seeing it in person here in Miami Beach, which is always very edgy. I think these looks are probably the same haircut, messed up and combed down. I am wearing the side part with shortish hair and I think I look swell:

4. Here’s an Armani look, white jacket and black pants and bag. I liked this alot. Somehow you don’t expect black and white in the summer:

5. One last brand-new look that is actually for next Spring. Are we working a year ahead in Milan? Guess so. This pale ice cream green I think looks great. I can see a suit in it. And if you can find it or make it or dye it, you’re a year ahead:

Remember this, with all these new looks coming out you should still look like a guy. Men who like men who like men, for the most part. This new flowered look I can’t imagine is going to work on anybody:

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