Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hobbies All Your Own

Dear David,
I need to be involved in a project that does not have anything to do with another man. Tell me what to do.

Dear Unfocused,
Are you getting a bit older? This is often the case when there is a need to concentrate on something. Here it is: Study another language. I would recommend Spanish. Particularly if you are living here in Miami. Spanish is the most widely spoken language in the world. South America is going to be increasingly important in this century economically. And spanish-speaking men are something else altogether. How to do it? Go to your local college. Take evening classes. They are not very expensive. And you have to study to prepare which is great for your concentration.

I am currently studying Spanish at Miami-Dade in downtown Miami. The class is three hours an evening, twice a week and needs a lot of preparation. Last semester my professor was really great and this semester, which I have just started, my professor is equally excellent.

We only have about six students in my class and they are all serious people. Last semester I was the worst student in the class as I had to miss some sessions. It was very humiliating, which I think is also very good for older people who are not used to it. It makes you feel younger.

Also, my dear unfocused, if you speak two languages it is highly unlikely that you will become senile. Some say never. Some say it delays it. Either way sounds good to me. Come on, let us habla espanol together.

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