Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving & Fall Fashion Advice

Happy Thanksgiving you turkeys! You know, I never had a turkey when I was young. My mother disliked it. We always had chicken. People ate a lot of different stuff. The turkey industry had not kicked in yet. We didn't have a lot of marshmellows in things either. I do remember my relatives doing a lot of stuff with jello with shredded carrots in it. That was the salad. And the cranberry sauce. Did anyone ever like that? A holiday devoted to eating is not for me. As I get older I like the national holidays less and less. Lots of people trying to express feelings they don't have. The only holiday I like is Valentine's day. I can always feel love.

Here's fashion input for Fall, kids:

I want to speak up for the J.Crew catalog. Those people are on top of it fashion wise and the prices are right. Here's a great man's jacket - the right shape, well-tailored, English wool, fully lined and $298. I want to buy it and I live in Miami Beach and would never wear it.

Also, if you need an overcoat. The Mayfair topcoat looks great. More expensive at $428 but it's exactly right: You won't need another one for a long time. I think the navy blue is best. No, I am not being paid by J. Crew to say all of this. Their women's and children's stuff is very on, also, in my opinion. Kind of makes you want to be a girl. Well, that and other things.

This very expensive Armani overcoat has the same look but longer. I have loved this look in the past.

The expensive T-shirt under a jacket I think looks great and is very modern. Good-bye dress shirt. (Hugo Boss)

Darlings, this is really the look if you can handle it. Little jacket. Big pants. Excellent hair.

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