Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Rekindle a Former Flame?

Dear David,
I have just broken off with my lover of seven years who wants more sexual freedom. I have been seeing a former lover of some fifteen years ago who has a little son of two. I often babysit his son and I have come to love this little boy a lot and very recently my ex and I are considering being together again. I am not quite sure who I love here. What’s you take on this?
~Second Time

Dear Second Time,
I don’t want to bring any kind of formula thinking to this problem because there’s a child involved. Normally I would say it didn’t work once it probably won’t work twice. But I could be wrong.

However I kind of feel that perhaps you are too young fora relationship that is basically about family. Am I wrong here? I think any lasting real relationship has to be based on a great romance. Otherwise it’s a roommate with a little sex thrown in. I guess overall I would say give it a try but don’t get overly upset if what didn’t work in the past doesn’t work now.

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