Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I am in the Huffington Post today!

I am in the Huffington Post today! Please click here to read my article!

(Photo still from Movie My Week with Marilyn)
I saw the movie My Week with Marilyn a couple of nights ago and Michelle Williams does capture something. Overall the movie is quite grown-up and creates a lot of very individual people. Only Kenneth Branagh shouldn't have been in it - he looks like a side of beef. Laurence Olivier was very handsome.

(Photo still from Movie My Week with Marilyn)
However, what I really want to say is that Handsomest Man in the World today is definitely Dominic Cooper. He plays Milton Greene, the photographer in the movie. A small role which he handles very well, but Ye Gods, that guy smolders. He is so hot. He needs some big movie role of the kind that Cary Grant played. I never think that movie people are really sexy but Dominic Cooper has got it. Yikes!

Dear David,
This is a stupid question but when you get into bed knowing you are going to have sex are you always naked?
~Nude or Not

Dear Nude or Not,
This is actually a very good question. Never am I completely nude. No, I say, no. They need to tear something off, or struggle to get it here or there - you know? I once had a pair of pajamas (years ago) that when I got up in the morning was all over the bedroom in little pieces. I called the office and told them I would not be in that day...

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