Thursday, December 1, 2011

Fashion Talk - sequin hoodies and more

Now listen, I think men's fashion is intrinsically boring as it hasn't really changed much since 1820. That's when knee britches went out and the dark suit and tie with white shirt came in. And viola! If you came from outerspace the way men looked then and looked now would be very similar. So today we will talk about the current nuances and then I will be wilder in the future:

1. I think the bulky sweater could be replacing the jacket so this beige look with corduroy pants and a slunk over the shoulders raincoast is all the same stuff. But a tee-shirt instead of a shirt and the overall colors could be really good without looking girly this winter.

2. This camel blazer looks really good. The model is Garrett Neff who suddenly looks ten years younger. And cute. Where he used to be muscly and sullen. Wha' happened?

3. Here's the little navy blazer on a guy with tattoos and a beard. It's from Brooks Brothers. I'm surprised!

4. This sweater and white pants without a belt looking really good and not too extreme. Men's pants seem to be going up waistline speaking. And pleats are returning. I like this. Tom Ford, of course.

5. Mr. Ford has a new men's cologne called Grey Vetiver. I cannot speak for it but his look in the ad is excellent if you are going to get really dressed up. Grey always makes you look good. I don't know why. Much better than brown on most people.

6. Just want to point out this sequin hoodie by Osklen. If you've got the guts this is great.

7. Very beautiful new model, the girl Heloise Guerin.
The guy is ok too!

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