Monday, December 12, 2011

How Do I Get Over "The One" ?

Dear David,
How do I get over someone whom I thought was "the one"?

Dear Fallen,
I have been a Zen student for quite a few years, meditating daily, and this is, as you know, a practice not a religion. There is no dogma and no instruction. You just have to learn from yourself. I believe that deep in our subconcious we know a lot, maybe everything. It's just hard to get through to it, or maybe better, to let it happen.

I studied under one abbot for a long time and the only thing he ever said to me as a guide was, "Don't be so sure what you want is what you should have." I think we all have destinies and we must avoid getting off at the wrong station. Maybe that "special one" was the wrong station.

And on a more superficial level, one isn't gone forever until they are dead. He/she may very well be back. I still get calls in the night and they always ask "How do you look?" I hope I have given you something to be hopeful about.

(Photo by Danica Faye)

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