Monday, December 5, 2011

Art Basel Miami Beach & Love Advice

(Luis Selem ~ Evocacion primigenia)

Here it is, another week starting. Art Basel Miami Beach just finished yesterday and it was a "hog rassle" as they say in Michigan. Zillions of people descend on Miami Beach and also Miami now, traffic is bumper to bumper, restaurants are jammed, many parties every night. I went out four nights in a row. The parties are largely hundreds of people who don't know each other jammed together promoting something that are not quite sure of. Lots and lots of well put together, good-looking women.

If you are in the Miami are you should check out the Luis Selem show at the Galeria del Sol in Miami Beach. I love his work. The gallery is a 1628 Meridian just south of Lincoln Road down towards the Alton Road end. Check it out. Very good!

Dear David,
I was very much involved with another man about ten years ago. It was an important relationship that ended after about two years. We have just reconnected and aren't quite sure why we broke up then. Perhaps it wasn't all it could have been sexually and that was my fault. I've gotten over some of my hang ups of that time.

I can't help feeling we have wasted many years when we could have been happy together. He doesn't feel that way. What do you think?
~Time Wasted

Dear Time Wasted,
How about destiny?! My feeling is that you both were out there learning, growing, changing. All things you needed to do before you were ready for some real commitment. Go for it. This sound like this is it.

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