Monday, December 19, 2011

Baffled by Teen Bullys

Dear David,
I know you have a lot of confidence in younger people and feel they pay little attention to differences like gayness. Yet we are having these teen suicides and gay-bullying in high schools. How do you explain that?

Dear Baffled,
Here's my stand. Men who gay-bash do it because they have homosexual feelings that they are afraid of. From their guilt they punish others rather than themselves. In my experience really heterosexual men have no negative feelings about gay men. I have half a dozen non-gay men as good friends whom I think feel more comfortable discussing really personal things with me than other heterosexual male friends.

I just keep saying it, "If you bully gays it's because you are gay yourself." If this idea can be promulgated enough it ought to make sense to teenagers. This is a 21st century point of view. Keep saying it.

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