Thursday, December 29, 2011

Fashion Talk & New Year Advice

Fashion Day, and I know, I know, I know - we haven't even really gotten into winter yet but I am looking forward to the Spring. I'm headed to Uruguay in mid-January and it is now mid-summer there, I'm feeling kind of jackety.

How about a blazer but rev it up with colored buttons? I kind of like it.

How about a cross-check jacket and a scarf twisted about your neck instead of a tie? Somehow this looks really masculine to me.

How about blue on blue on blue with a little zipper something instead of a shirt and that little scarf. I think this looks really up-to-the-minute. Of course you may have to go really blonde. Go ahead. I do and I call it "Suicide Blonde." And the suicide is not mine. Picture of me below:

I just want you to know that the other day I was in a second-hand shop and found a small leather purse on a long strap. I threw it over my shoulder and said to the clerk, "Does this look to girly?" He said, "Not on you!"


Dear David,
The New Year approaches. Am I going to find love?

Dear Hoping,
Yes. Definitely. Remember, we get what we expect not what we hope for. Expect love. Don't be surprised where it comes from. Don't put all kinds of restrictions up like age, income, race, height. I think this is going to be a great year for all of us. And remember, love is more important than anything else. And it's about you loving somebody - not waiting for somebody to love you. Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!

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