Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Handsomest Man in the World & Love Advice

Handsomest Man in the world this week is Robert Downey, Jr. He was on the cover of a European men's magazine and he's got it. I should add that in my youth I lived near Sheridan Square in New York's Greenwich Village. His father Robert Downey was a waiter at the Pam-Pam eatery there and he was really good looking. We went to eat there late after the bars closed and there he was. I had such a crush on him. This was before his underground films and later fame. Certainly before Robert, Jr. was born. Are there really only 40 people in the world and the rest are walk-ons?


Dear David,
Great article in the Huffington Post! As a young gay man it was helpful to gain an historical perspective on homosexuality in the US. And I can't believe you were alive in the 1930s. You look so young!

Here's my situation:
The last significant relationship I was in—my first—was intense and liberating. It ended suddenly, with me in tears. Afterward, I had a lot of unfulfilling sleepovers with older men. Now that I'm dating people my age, I'm finding it hard to find a potential lover. What will happen is I'll go on a date with someone I'm curious in and we'll small talk the entire time. Pretty soon I'll lose interest in the guy simply because the conversation is boring. I'm looking to spice up my romantic life and wondering if dating is the way to do it. Any advice?

Dear Newly Gay,
I think you're fine. You just need to ask those boring conversationalists some startling questions. Recently talking to my friends I find they seem reluctant to ask those to-the-point questions like "What do you like to do sexually?" You need to dig below that level of where they went to school, what movies they have seen recently, etc. Just think about what you would really like to know about them and ask. Suddenly the real person is there.

Thanks for the mention of my being on Huffington Post. We had almost a thousand hits on my blog within the first two days of the article. Please bookmark my blog and tell your friends!

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