Thursday, December 22, 2011

Worst Ad of the Week & Fashion Talk

Hello darlings - How to Be Gay in the 21st Century was included in Roberto Friedman's 2011 list of books he recommends for the year, in his annual article for The Bay Area Reporter! Please click here for the wonderful review of my book.

I am starting a new little feature this week called Worst Ad of the Week. The picture above is from a Marc Jacobs ad campaign of someone named Cerith Wynn Evans and it is very mysterious. Would anyone want to wear this jacket after seeing it on him? With just that little hint of sexual parts? I don't think so...


But now, for more serious talk about fashion. I think the navy peacoat with all its four-square buttons is looking really good. Somehow it makes men and women alike look snappy and lots of designers and ready-to-wear are doing it this season. If you need a new warm coat, go for it.

Here's another red look. You have to have the gumption to wear this look but it's got it. Neat, strong and eye-catching. Of course this is by Dior so you better have lots of moola too.

And lastly, Here is Jil Sander's new see through clear plastic raincoat. I think this is great. Of course, you may want to wear something under it, which this model is not doing. Gotta hand it to the magazine for giving us a full frontal in their fashion pages. I haven't seen that before.


Dear David,
I am a guy whose most fetching feature is my legs. But winter is here and I live in a city. Any suggestions?

Dear Leggy,
1. Go to the gym a lot
2. Take some swimming classes
3. Try introducing tights and shorts with a business top. Would your job allow this?
4. Move to Miami Beach. We wear shorts all year round here. And we would welcome you.

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