Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Melancholia the movie & sex advice

Just to remind you again, I was on Huffington-Post last Wednesday! I’d like very much to have your reaction. Let me know. You can condemn me if you like. There’s no such thing as bad publicity. Thank you! Please click here for the article.

Have you seen the movie "Melancholia?" You should see it. The advertising kind of avoids the central theme that a stray planet is about to intersect with the earth. Will it? Won't it? Very interesting because of the music (a Beethoven great) the shooting with very long takes. Overheads in the fog. Everything that is all the current quick cuts, fast paced contemporary movies are not. It has a very heavy foreboding feeling - I think you could use a little foreboding. You are avoiding thinking about a lot of things right now. I will never understand Kirsten Dunst as a movie star, of course. I think she got the part because to her credit she has excellent boobs.

Dear David,
I am an older woman who reads your blog because so much of it is for everyone. My question: I am with someone with whom I have had a good and satisfying life except now sex is gone and will not be coming back. I miss it. Please tell me what I should do.
~Still Hot

Dear Madame Still Hot,
More power to you. I think we have all grown up to accept that we can have sex with one person while being in love with another. Keep your antenna up and keep looking good. Some guy, much younger I will guess, is going to want you. And you should say yes. Just rendezvous in motels/cheap hotels and do it. Tell him right off you are not in love with him. Except perhaps for his body. And keep it to yourself. And don't do something deliberately so you get caught and then can dump your guilt on someone else. You are guilty of anything except being human.

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