Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fashion - summer color, cardigans, black and white

I am going to do sort of a big fashion blog this Thursday and again next Thursday as a wrap up for the summer and after that we will start thinking about Autumn. There's good stuff coming up.

1. The last of the mixed color suggestions. Purple T-shirt, greenish shorts and a bright yellow jacket and red-rimmed sunglasses. You'd better have a good tan for this. But you will not be ignored. Also, turquoise jacket, orange pants and blue shirt. Fantastic.

2. I found all three of these looks on one page. Everything here is very expensive but you can do these looks with very inexpensive stuff. First, the little navy blazer. So good. With pants in a color. Second, that sweatshirt/sweater is coming up. This is $560 from Jil Sander so you can forget that. But you can duplicate the style with a less expensive jacket. And thirdly, if you must wear a baseball jacket this is how to do it.

3. The cardigan is good now and will be good in the Fall. Also, I liked this with the matching color bowtie. How long the hat look will hand in there I don't know. It seems to be going on or a very long time.

4. Ladies. I think this white pants and black and white shirt with a black tie was a terrific summer look. Very unexpected. This is Stella McCartney but you can find a boys inexpensive shirt that will work. Short sleeves would be okay.

5. Am I the only one who finds Rufus Wainright a bore? I don't get it. Not all that talented and very period gay. Rufus darling, we are in the 21st century.


Dear David,
What about shoes with no socks? Even in winter?
~Bare Ankled

Dear Bare Ankled,
I never got this . Is it to avoid washing your socks? I wear those footlets if I do it. I like disheveled white sweatsocks better with everything.

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