Thursday, July 12, 2012

Fashion & that darned Justin Beiber!

La moda, la moda. Now we will turn our attention to Autumn a bit. The snug jacket is here but longer, so you can wear it as a kind of short topcoat until it really gets cold. I'm seeing hair in your eyes too. That darned Justin Beiber!

Ladies, here's a very good winter dress. This is from Burberry Prorsum (so it will be costly), but a long-sleeved dark knit like this you can wear a hundred times. Just change your accessories and you will always look great.

If you have occasion to get all dressed up in the evening this white glitter dress is simple and very elegant. A good dressmaker would make you a copy. Spend the money on the fabric.

And lastly, I found this photo of Coco Chanel from the 1930's. A great little jacket. So important. This little jacket is probably sitting around somewhere in some fashion museum closet. Made to last forever. Notice the pocket that elongates the side of the jacket. Someone really good designed this jacket and it probably wasn't Coco herself. She always loaded up on lots of jewelry, a mix of real and make believe. I love the clips on the jacket collar. Once so done and now forgotten completely.


Dear David,
As I get older I am increasingly unsure of what to wear, particularly for leisure clothes. I don't want to look too much like an aging poof.

Dear A.P.,
I am sure you are not! Listen, get some white knit tennis shirts, dark blue slacks, beige suntan pants, a blazer, navy blue sweater and for shoes some new tie-ups or slip-ons with what they call a "kilt", a leather frill that you've seen on golf shoes. The new look and you can do it. Wear a kind of uniform with one fashion touch and you're home free. If you wear business suits: dark gray, navy blue. White or small pattern shirt, dark tie in stripes or I prefer a small pattern. You can wear dark brown shoes with these. I prefer it.

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