Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Handsomest Man in the World ~ Billtornade Model

Handsomest Man in the World. They just keep turning up. I don't know who this model is but here he is in an ad for Billtornade, Paris. This ad was in Uomo, Vogue from Italy. What a face! What great hair! If you look even vaguely like this you need this hairstyle. Wow!

Dear David,
I was at your book event at Rizzoli in New York a couple of weeks ago and I noticed you skin. You have great skin and you are no spring chicken. How do you do it?

Dear Skin-ny, 
Are you really? Lucky you. As for my face - I have not washed it for over fifty years. When I was Creative Director for Revlon at Grey Advertising I went to Europe a lot to get fashion and beauty directions. I talked with Eve of Rome, a major beauty salon and product line at that time, with Eve herself at the helm. She was a great lady. We had lunch. And she said, "You much not wash your face. Cream cleanser, balancing liquid (probably cucumber) and then night cream." If I'm sleeping with someone I get up and put night cream on later. And no matter how drunk I am or how late it is, I always cleanse, balance and night cream. Eh, voila! It takes a lot of discipline but you get results!

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