Monday, July 30, 2012

Tall gal dating a short man...

I just read in The Week Magazine that scientists have been able to validate Einstein's theory that time runs faster the higher off the ground you are. For every foot above ground a person ages about 90 billionths of a second faster over a lifetime. Which means that if you are tall you are aging a tiny, tiny, tiny bit faster that shorter people. This is just a notice to tall people to use a lot of moisturizer. And very apropos, the next question:

Dear David,
I am one of your female readers - one who finds the problems and solutions on your blog very useful and interesting a lot of the time. I am dating a man whom I like a lot. The only problem is that he is quite a lot shorter than I am. Advice, please.
~Tall Gal

Dear Tall Gal,
You are lucky to be tall - although as my note suggests, keep moisturizing. Interestingly many of my blog readers are women. There is evidently a big overlap with gay problems and women's problems. Tall gal, as far as being taller, what does it matter when you're not standing up? And that is the most important part of your relationship. AND, you are staying younger. So, lay down!

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