Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Job & men choices...decisions decisions!

Dear David,
I have a very unusual problem. I have been interviewing as I wish to change my job. I now have two excellent offers and I am torn as to which to take. Also, I am seeing two men, both of whom I have something going with. I am at a point where I must choose between one or the other. What an unusual quandary, I know. Too much of a good thing. Please, help me decide!
~B. Baffled

Dear B. Baffled,
De-Baffle yourself. You have come to the right place. I have two set rules, and actually perfect for just these situations. When taking a job, take the one that pays the most. Definitely. They are all very much the same finally. And when deciding between men, date the younger. Don't ask me why- just do it. I have made both these decisions a number of times. This is what experience has taught me.

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