Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Everyone on stage is for $ale ~ Rent Boy The Musical

Dear David DeLuxe,
What about this show you're in? Tell us more!
~Show Buzz

Dear Buzz,
I thought you'd never ask. It's a small off-Broadway musical. Cast of six, lots of fun songs and kind of naughty...but you can bring your mother. Also, some close-to-nudity which I like better than full nudity.

We're doing a two week Backer's Showcase at the Richmond Shepard Theater. From there we hope to go out to stock for a month in the summer and come back in the Fall in a full-Equity production. Off Broadway but up for a long term run. I think we'll do it. Little shows like this that are fun and very unusual can run for a very long time. That way everyone can see it when they visit New York. We have a GREAT cast. Try to come! www.rentboythemusical.com

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