Monday, March 18, 2013

What do you think of the latest scandal...

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Dear David,
What do you think of the latest scandal involving the Catholic church where the Cardinal head of the church in Scotland made "indecent proposals" to priests under his supervision? You have to wonder what these proposals were. Maybe you or I wouldn't think they were so indecent.
~Wotta Situation

Dear Wotta,
Exactly. The cardinal is quite a handsome man. I always wonder what prompts men to want to be a priest. For many I think in the past it was a way of not getting married and having a good explanation. I always try to make a point that our sexuality is paramount and we have to design a life for it. People with the problems of pedophilia and the like are the exception of course. Too many people think they can have a fulfilling life without being fulfilled sexually and romantically. It just isn't possible...

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