Monday, March 11, 2013

Why do I get blamed for everything...

Dear David,
I am with a man whom I love a lot but he has the unfortunate inability to ever accept blame for anything. If something goes wrong it is always my fault. I don't really mind sometimes, but it's starting to make me think less of him.
~Blame Target

Dear Blame Target,
I know this routine well. My great love has a tendency to do this. My trick is to anticipate the blame and claim it before he can say anything. Then it is clearly ridiculous...

Him: "I forgot my keys this morning..."

Me: " Oh, I knew there was something I was supposed to do. I should have reminded you. It's my fault."

If you do this regularly, it becomes a joke between you that everything is your fault. Then the problem goes away. It works for me!


Dearest Ones: Please remember that I am in New York rehearsing for "Rent Boy, the Musical"! We open March 21st at the Richmond Shepard Theater. Do you have your tickets yet?!

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