Thursday, March 14, 2013

Fashion day for women ~ springtime is here!

Fashion directions today for women will be for Spring. We are done with winter.

1. I'm liking green. This dress is Rodarte which isn't inexpensive, but it's a nice look. the kind of T-shirty tip and skirt in similar but not the same print. You could put this look together. Think green. Think leaves. Look for a copy of the purse.

2. This big flaring skirt is super. If you wear a long dress, let it be flimsy and blow in the wind and think green. I don't think you need the hat.

3. Jil Sander is back with the simple look. The round-shouldered coat is really the best new look fo this season and it will carry over into spring. I you are going to wear black, this could be chic.

Dear David,
What do you think of suddenly the platform is out and the lower heel and simpler shoe is in?
~F. Tish

Dear Ms. Tish,
That cumbersome shoe always worried me. Simpler shoes mean women need to be less cared for. They want to be more on their own, not hobbling about in clumsy shoes. I am all for it! This is the women's century. They have to get ready to take over.

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