Thursday, March 21, 2013

Fashion day for men ~ blue and white and high-rise pants

Rentboy the Musical opens tonight my darlings!!!! Click here to purchase your tickets if you haven't done so. Wish me luck!

1. I thought this blue and white check jacket was great. The floral shirt, polka dot tie and stuffed in pocket square make it a real dressed up look. This could be the center of your spring wardrobe.

2. Another blue and white look. Kind of denimy blue linen. Very good look. I can live without the sideburns though.

3. For evening if you are young enough. high rise black pants and a sweater with a big eagle on it. I like this look but you gotta be thin.


Dear David,
How does it feel to be 83 and singing and dancing in a new show?
~A fellow blogger

Dear Fellow Blogger,
I get up every morning thanking the good lord that I haven't fallen apart in the night. It's kind of strange to still be in good form. I really don't feel any different than I did at 38.

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