Thursday, March 7, 2013

Fashion News! Curly hair, florals and lace dresses

Fashion News!

Someone to keep an eye on is the actress Greta Gerwig. Bruce Weber did some great pictures of her in Vanity Fair for their Hollywood issue. She seems to have that old-fashioned Hollywood star feeling that I don't really see in anyone else.

Fashion for men:

1. Eddie Redmayne, the English actor, was in a dark blue velvet suit at an event. I thought he looked great. I used to have a dark green one like that.

2. Curly Hair. It's pretty girly but luckily girls aren't wearing their hair like this. If your hair is wavy please grow it out and look very romantic. The dark glasses are optional.

3. This dark suit with the floral shirt and tie is the only time that I thought the floral shirt and tie works. All this big, bold splashy color can make you look like some old fart in Palm Beach. Be careful!

Girls: This lace dress from Loie is great. I've never heard og Joie is but this dress can be a stopper and still let you be yourself...and not the person who wore the dress while the gown got all the attention. I promise you, men love this kind of dress.

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