Monday, January 23, 2012

Cozy Cuddler Needs Help!

I found this picture below in an avante garde magazine. I knew you all would enjoy it. It is from a series of photographs of men with french bread sticking out of their pants. Would you have guessed french bread? That is the interesting point of the photograph. It is meant to look like something else...


Dear David,
I have a new lover and we get along great sexually but he is not at all cuddly in bed. Any suggestions?
~Cozy Cuddler

Dear Cozy Cuddler,
Get all that cozy cuddling out of the way before you make bamboola. If he likes to be isolated later, let it be. Get a big pillow and clutch that. He sounds great. Just imagine if he liked to cuddle but didn’t want to make bamboola?! That happens. Count yourself lucky.


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