Monday, January 16, 2012

Dear David,
A few months ago I was seeing two different men. One was definitely less interested than the other and now I am very much involved with the other, a man I am coming to love very much.

However, man #2 has called and wants to have dinner “just as friends.” I told this to my love and he seemed a little quiet about it. I accepted to go to dinner but now I think I made a mistake. Your advice, please.
~Tell me

Dear Tell Me,
You cannot go to dinner. You can go to lunch. Sleeping with someone after lunch is rare. You’re safe to do that. But if you are truly with your lover, his competition is out of the question. This isn’t just me, this is common social practice. I am sort of against being friends with ex’s anyway. It always gets messy. You can go to dinner with your new lover. That is ok. Bet the ex will not want to do that.

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