Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I have always modeled my life on the great ballerinas...

(Ballet Russes by August Macke, 1912)

Dear David,
In last week’s blog you said you liked jewels. That doesn’t sound much like you, always so much more concentrated on what is happening between people than symbols of wealth. Explain, please.
~David Devoted

Dear Devoted One,
I love you. But you should know that I have always modeled my life on the great ballerinas. Lots of jewelry and houses in other countries - so you can flee on a moment’s notice and have somewhere else to live. At the Russian Revolution it was the ballerinas who beat it to France and England and then took care of all the other Russian refugees, mostly from the royal family.

I have always been aware that life can fall apart quite suddenly. I am a child of the Great Depression - hence my house in France and in Uraguay. Although, actually I am feeling very upbeat right now and think everything is going to work out great in the next few years.

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