Thursday, January 5, 2012

Fashion Talk - Now that winter is here

Now that winter is here I have some suit looks for you so you can be great looking and still stay warm.

The one above is brown tweed from a company called Duckie Brown. The matching gloves come with them too, but I think that's going a bit too far.

The other is a black and white check and this really looks good. Again, you don't need the black and white gloves from Yohji Yamamoto. The suit is by Dries van Noten. Both of these suits have shortish jackets, tight waists, and are warm enough that you can probably scoot around town with a big scarf and you'll be fine without a coat during business hours. I think you can find suits like this for a lot less than the ones shown here.

I realize that a lot of you blogettes are not in cold climates so here a little item for people where it's hot. I love this hat. You'll have to dig around in second hand shops and then put some kind of battered flowers on the brim. Everything else you have on has to be really plain; black T-shirt and jeans for example. You will be the one. This look could be good for you girls too. We are in the 21st century, everyone can wear the same things.

Dear David,
Do you have any sex questions?

Dear Interested,
Yes, why do American men never look like they would really like to have sex? South American men always look like they can't wait. What's the deal?

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