Thursday, January 26, 2012

Fashion & Just Call Me DeeDee Leddick!

Fashion, fashion, fashion. What I have for you today is still about the jacket. The little jacket even looks great with shorts for those of you who have escaped south:


Dear David,
I want to have a nickname. I never have and I just think it’s a personal and intimate thing I would like to have. Have you ever had a nickname?
~No Nickname

Dear Nick,
I’m giving you a nickname right now. It’s Bubbles. Do you remember Bubbles DeVere on “Little Britain”?

Yes, in college my fraternity brothers called me “Leddy.” Leddy Leddick. Is that sickening enough? My sister always called me “Davis.” I rather liked that. And my real nickname which only a few of the closest called me is “DeeDee.” Yup, that’s right, DeeDee Leddick. Please don’t tell anyone.

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