Thursday, January 19, 2012

Fashion ~ Lovely Jewelry & Leopard Clutch

It’s fashion day!

I love jewelry. Just found this costume jewelry by Alexandre Vauthier. I like this kind of bulky jewelry that could be real. You will also notice that the “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” look is here. You never know when a little fake leopard clutch purse will come in handy.

I think this jewelry is a copy of a real bijou worn by Mona von Bismarck, a wealthy fashion figure from the past. She started out the daughter of a stableman and later married a few wealthy man, then wound up in the International Best Dressed List Hall of Fame in 1958.

Dear David,
My mother recently has been acting as though she is deaf, which I don’t think she is. Also limps a little and says she may need a cane soon, although I think there is nothing at all wrong with her leg. What’s cooking?
~Smothered by Mother

Dear Smother,
You’re not one of the brothers are you? The Smothers Brothers? You are probably so young you don’t even know who they are. As for your mother, she is succumbing to the “Pity Poor Me” syndrome, that happens to older people. Take here to Miami Beach and let he see those high steppers in the sun. She’ll get over wanting to be older.

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