Thursday, May 17, 2012

Gucci, summer shoes, and see-through jackets - oh my!

It's Fashion Day!

Okay, this Gucci check jacket with black collar and pocket trim is it. What a fabulous look. But only this and wear it out.

Can you see these shoes? I think this will be the summer shoe look this year. The kilty is back already. That fringed flap that used to be on the front of men's golf shoes and is now emerging everywhere. These are sort of open-sided sandals with a kilty flap. I want a pair.

Didn't I just tell you about the plastic see-through jacket? Here it is again! This is a Jill Sander sort of raincoat length. I want a short one. Somebody must be going to do them cheap very soon.


Dear David,
If you have been a bottom all your life into your mid-forties, can you shift gears and become a successful top?

Dear Flipping,
Of course you can! It just requires a long term lover. Many gay men only want one night stands so they can do the same repetitious thing over and over. Come on. Grow up. Get one sex partner and start exploring. You can top without getting on top, for a start. You need an experienced lover to lead you down some of those garden paths you haven't been down before. You'll be fine. I promise!

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