Thursday, May 3, 2012

Ladies! Yellow Bags, Flowy Dresses, Adorably Messy Hair

Today I am going to do some women's fashion. When I read the fashion magazines I can't help but think that the big established ones like Vogue are missing the mark completely. They show unwearable expensive clothes accessorized as though you are going to perform in the circus. I don't think they get younger women at all. Here are some things I think younger women will like:

The Bag: I don't think this yellow bag by Mulberry is particularly expensive and it's the color of the season. Fashion is putting yourself together so you look better with one special thing that says, "Yes, I know what I'm doing." Yellow bags are going to be around.

The Dress: here's a dress from the ancient French house of Vionnet that is really good for a special event. This dress is certainly a fortune but something like it, sort of long and filmy with sequins to glitter will look great and you will be like a sea nymph emerging from the water. And you will still be more important that the dress.

Hair: I think all this long straight hair you see everywhere is going up. This is how I remember the 60s. And you don't have to cut it. You back-comb. You pile it up. It is falling here and there. You look an adorable mess. I think it is very Brigette Bardot. It is much more adult and sexy than that straight down look.

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